I offer individual session and workshop for groups:

One to one session 

In a private session, I will sing for you, you just need to relax and listen attentively. If necessary, I will use therapeutics tuning fork or place my hands on your body to deepen the connection. Afterwards we will exchange our observation and experience. We carry on further based on the information we gather together.

If it is necessary, I will invite you to sing along too. You will be guided and supported by me. I will listen to the sound of your voice and work from there accordingly. I am also more than happy to teach you how to sing living sound for yourself and others.

Group workshop 

Whenever we sing in a group, we create a larger energy field and gain a broader view about ourselves. It is always a deeply moving experience whenever I hear Pansori-singing in a group. The content of the workshop will be tailor-made depending on the purpose and needs of the group.

Here are a few examples:

  • A brief introduction of Pansori Living Sound
  • Singing for yourself
  • Deep relaxation and focus
  • Connecting sound to our body (organs, bones etc) 
  • Singing for your child

You are most welcomed to contact me if you would like book an appointment or have other inquiries.