Babies feel grounded and safe when they hear the soothing voice from their mothers. It is a sound that the baby most familiar with. Since the birth of my son, I have been singing for him regularly, especially before bedtime. Singing has always been a way to calm and sooth him. Later on when I started my training as Pansori Living Sound Therapist, I also sing regularly for him using Pansori way of singing.

What is the difference between singing a song and singing Pansori Living Sound? Pansori-singing is much more intimate than singing a song. It resonates directly with the vibration of our whole being, it reaches our bones, our organs, our cells, our body and soul.  It is a process of feeling the flow of love between you and your child, you are giving and receiving at the same time, it is a nourishing moment for both mother and child.

Having received much inspirations and benefit from singing to my own child, one of my visions is to promote Pansori Living Sound to other mothers (of course also to fathers who are interested), showing them how they can use Pansori Living Sound for themselves and for their own child. In the beginning I will sing for you so that you can experience what Pansori Living Sound means to you. Then step by step I will guide you along and provide the support you need in your own journey of sound.

Baby massage & Pansori Living Sound

For mother with young baby, besides Pansori Living Sound,  I will also show you some massage techniques that I learnt from my training as a Teacher for baby massage. Touch and sound is a perfect combination. The hands soothe the skin, while the sounds deepen the connection between you and your baby. It is a profound way of expressing your love and communicating with you baby. I offer home visit for mother with young babies. Please contact me if you have further inquiries. I am happy to speak to you soon.

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