Voice as an instrument to open, connect and heal 

My name is Miow-Yein, after living in United Kingdom for eight years, I moved to Rotterdam in 2010. At that time I was embarking on a new inner journey, I was searching for a way to transform certain patterns of emotional reactions and way of thinking, I wanted to understand further what it means to be human being, what is the connection between our mind, body and soul. I started to take courses in Reiki, meditation, body movement, family constellation etc.

Not long after I met Yvonne de Bruijn And Addy Wartena in a workshop, it was them who introduced me to Pansori Living Sound. I still remember how it felt like the first time I heard this unique singing, as if the sound was coming from the Universe, not only my ears, but my whole body was ‘hearing’ the sound. It was an deeply intriguing  experience. My search ended there, I decided to study under Yvonne de Bruijn, Esther Putter & Addy Wartena, they are the three core teachers for Pansori Living Sound in The Netherlands.

I completed my qualification as Pansori Living Sound Therapist in October 2016.  I want to offer my help and support to people who are on the same journey like me. Our singing sound is truly an useful tool to get in touch with our inner being, helping us to reconnect with our neglected feelings, accessing our inner strength and the endless stream of universal energy that is constantly flowing to us. It helps us to open, connect and heal.

MIOW (“妙”)  is part of my name and it means wonderful in Chinese. It is my joy to share this wonderful method with others who also desire growth, expansion and transformation. Pansori Living Sound is a flexible tool that can be safely and easily integrated with other methods or therapies, I also combine other methods like Reiki, massage techniques and gentle movement exercise in my session. 

Please contact me if you have any inquiries or want to make an appointment.

With love,

Miow-Yein Hiew