Sound, Body, Inner journey

Each of us has our own vibration, frequency and energy pattern, which are continuously moving and changing. When we sing for ourselves or when other sing for us, so much insightful information can be revealed about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of our own life. How do we connect to this inner energy pattern? My answer is: The sound of our singing voice, our voice is the most natural way that resonates with our vibrational being.

What is Pansori Living Sound?

In Pansori Living Sound, we use our voice as an instrument, we sing for others or guide others to sing for themselves. It is a unique way of singing, our voice follow the direction and movement of the sound, we connect our singing voice to the vibrations and frequencies in our being. Transformation or healing happens when new frequencies are brought in with the brilliance or vibration of the singing voice, creating new space and movement that are necessary for the process of healing and inner growth.

Free introductory session

My studio is based in Coolhaven, Rotterdam, at the moment I offer free introductory private session to new clients who are interested in experiencing Pansori Living Sound. Please email or call 0628766461 for appointments or further information.